C & Y CANFOOD TRADING CO LTD is a fast growing food import & export company headquartered in Hong Kong. Our company was established in 1992, and the three aims of the company are provide high quality products, best services and competitive pricing to customers. Our major customers are specialty food stores, dessert houses, coffee shops, fast food chains, restaurants and hotels. We do not only provide our customers better quality products but also introduce new concepts into the beverage culture and fashion. Our Shanghai Office was established in 2005, this has provided us a gateway to the huge China market. In recent years, we have also successfully expended our business to many other countries around the world, such as Europe, and USA.


Followings are key milestone we have achieved:



Successfully developed the product of Canned Aloe Vera Meat, and introduced it to the beverage and dessert market. It has become one of the major ingredient in the market since then.

coconut milk2coconut milk2


Successfully developed the freshness UHT (Tetra Pak) Coconut Milk, this enabled our customers to enjoy the fresh coconut milk under room temperature and whenever they want.

bubble tea2bubble tea2


Introduced the raw materials of “Bubble Milk Tea", which has become more and more popular and enriched Hong Kong’s beverage Market.



We had proudly developed the canned Pomelo Meat. Once again to provide the dessert and Beverage Market with no bacteria contained Canned Pomelo Meat. This enabled the dessert of mango sago with pomelo meat to broom again, due to its convenience and the invention of canned pomelo meat has also overcome the seasonal limitation.



Imported Korea Citron Tea, Apple Tea, Pear Tea, Jujube Tea and Ginger Tea, which have brought the new concept of healthy beverage into our market. Once again these products become Hong Kong consumers' favourites.

seaweed ballseaweed ball


Successfully developed Seaweed Ball (The original Molecule Gastronomy), and was well accepted by our dessert and beverage market again.

wheat germwheat germ


We jointly developed with Glato Smith Kline (HK) (GSK) for the product of Horlicks with wheat germ, wich wheat germ is a good source of dietary fibre, and it was introduced into the beverage market with Healthy Concept again.



Successfully introduced the Popping Boba (Molecular gastronomy in the beverage field) and it has become a "Star" in dessert and beverage raw material market.



Successfully developed natural fruit juice and fruit vinegar with no colouring and no armour added, by using the extraction techniques under low temperature.



Helped a lot of customers to open and operate their Bubble Milk Tea specialty Shops by providing them with our one stop total solution services.


Our Mission

Hong Kong is an International City with diverse array of foreign cultures. Our Company's Policy is similar to our diverse cultured city which is to have the advantages to access high quality raw materials from different countries and regions. The mixed culture and available materials have inspired us to generate more innovated new product ideas to maintain our high market position and power to lead the market trend. We provide the latest and the highest quality products which can enable our customers to provide more delicious and healthy products to the end users. On top of these, we provide more value added services to bring satisfaction to all our valuable customers. We are determined to enrich and introduce more innovated ideas to HK's Food & Beverage culture, and we hope every people in the world can enjoy it. This is our Company's mission.

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